Wyze Sense door sensors.

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So recently Wyze came out with some really crazy cheap sensors. They require the $25 Wyze Camera. The starter pack is $20 which includes a USB dongle for the back of your wyze camera, 2 sensors and 1 motion sensor after that 4 sensor is $20. 


I already had a Wyze camera so I picked some up I'm very impressed. If I'm at my GF's house and UPS opens my garage door I get a notification on my phone. Highly recommended.


I'm probably going to buy a 2nd wyze cam as my current one is still being used for this



I figure why not, it's so useful. Nothing beats hearing it downpour at 3am, and being able to roll over and look at your phone and check to see if the water is coming in the basement, without having to get out of bed.






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Thought i would up date you all. After using them for a while, I really enjoy them. Currently using them with an app called "Shouter", so when ever a door is opened or closed I get an audible alert on my phone. Sometimes it's delayed due to android going to sleep, but Shouter reads the message out to you. If not for that app you would get one audible alert to all the different sensors. The reason it says Wyze Wyze is because first it reads the app sending the message and then reads the action notification which also starts with wise.


A apologize in advanced for the Vertical video, I had to record it with my iPad so I could see my phone and it was easier to hold vertical.



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