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Saif Iddin

After updating rainbow six siege for operation phantom sight , i started the game but i have waited for too long that i cant connect to the rainbow six siege servers , the problem is that i cant connect with my uplay account . but when my brother tried to open his account on the same PC , it lunched like normal . And i tried it again , and again , and again but not even a glimpse of the new season . well i tried everything and the only way that i can open the game is by signing in ofline (but who wants to play rainbow offline) , so i need a solution for this , and i know that its not because of my pc or my connection cuz of my brother , but it happened to other people (search on reddit) . also when i am at the lunch of rainbow six siege it keeps telling me that i have a 1250ms or sth like that (idk) , and then it falls with the fbs until they become constant !!! so what is the solution ???


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