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Deleting a file on a network share permanently deletes it?

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+Elliot B.    1,530

I have my photos stored on my second PC, which I use as a server.


I share the Photos folder via. a standard Windows 10 network share.


If I browser the Photos folder from my primary PC and delete a photo, it doesn't go to the Recycle Bin on either computer - it appears to permanently delete the file.


Any idea how I can stop this behavior?

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+Human.Online    8,294

That's normal behaviour over a network share.  You're deleting the file via share, not via local filesystem, so it doesn't have access to the local recycle bin.


Don't delete files over the share.


Let me clarify something: What you delete a file locally on Windows it deletes it.  When you move a file to the recycle bin, it does that.  The confusion here is that the move to recycle bin has been referred to as deleting.

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