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Switch 1 PC between two sets of DVI screen, keyboard and mouse

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Hentiki    0



for a sepcial equipment in the workshop we have an industrial PC built into a cabinet. On the outside we have monitor and combined keyboard/mouse. The equipment is fenced in for security when operating.

The monitor and keyboard/mouse attached to cabinet is used for calibration, then you need to be inside the fence. However during normal operations, you are standing outside fence but need access to same computer.

My idea was to have two sets of monitor and keyboard mouse, the other mounted outside the fence.


The computer has plenty of USB ports so the general idea is just to connect two sets directly. The problem I guess would be the monitor. The industrial PC only has one DVI port. Is there a DVI-switch that would allow me to change the output between the two screens? An even more elegant solution would be if the switch also handled the USB ports but this is a none issue.


I have seen plenty of switches that work the other way around, one set of keyboard/mouse and screen can be connected to multiple computers but as described, I want the opposite.


Can anyone recommend a good solution for this? Changing cables on the PC is not an option since this would require the operators to first open up the cabinet and then remove some screws to reach the back of the computer.


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goretsky    1,065



What you are looking for is called a reverse KVM switch.  I do not have any experience using these myself, but I would suggest checking with "normal" KVM vendors to start with such as Belkin, BlackBox, StarTech and so forth.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Peresvet    189
Posted (edited)

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