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How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Outlook(.com)?

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Sir Topham Hatt    361

Transferring the wife from her iPhone to Android early next week.


All her contacts are syncing to iCloud but there doesn't seem to be an easy option to sync them with Outlook.


There is a half hidden button in the Outlook app but when reading it seems to suggest it'll import Outlook contacts to iCloud. I want it the other way.


How can I achieve this? 



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allan.nyholm    68

You or your wife can log into www.icloud.com and export the contacts there (as individual contacts or as a single vCard containing them all) as a vCard to import to Android from a SD-card or by syncing with Google Contacts if you like. Or Outlook via Mail on Windows 10 or web for instance as you mentioned you want to. You get the idea :)


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