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What budget card would you guys recommend to play Fortnite on max settings?

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Jonathan Lucas    22

I built a rig for my 11 year old son using some spare parts I had laying around.

Gigabyte mobo AM3

Quad core AMD black edition running at 2.8 ghz

8 gigs of DDR3 PC6400 memory

Kingston SSD harddrive 256gb

500 watt power supply.


300mb cable wan


Just looking for some input on a good PCI-E card that I can pop in to give my boy some good playability on Fortnite.


Can someone give me some advice as I am not a gamer, would not like to spend $200.00. 


Thanks so much in advance everyone!!

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Nick H.    10,111

I don't pretend to know much about graphics cards, but this one seems pretty decent, is under $200 and I think it is above the recommended specs for Fortnite:



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kalkal    558

Why go for an RX550 when you can go with an RX570 for the same price? :) (this is a bargain btw, it doesn't fall too much behind the RX580 which I bought a few months ago for equivalant of around $250)







Should manage between 60-100 fps on max settings

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