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When The Lid Is Closed ...no shutdown no poweroff - nothing! 

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tarifa    0

dear experts 


[hopefully this is located a t the right place - i guess it is a hw - issue)


i all ways thought that we can choose what happens when closing the laptop lid does: a. Shutdown, b. Hibernate, c. Sleep, d. Nothing

These days most of us simply prefer to close the lid of our Linux-laptops once our work is over. 

Closing the lid can result in our Linux shutting down, sleeping or hibernating. 


Well i all way thought that we can control the behavior and decide what we want the laptop to do, once we close the lid of our Linux Laptop. 

Most of us are aware that there are particularly 3 methods for powering down the notebook


We can make the PC go to sleep
we can  make the Notebook go to hibernate 
we can turn it off completely  - with poweroff and all that stuff 


The Sleep options consumes little power to help our notebook to do the wake up blisteringly fast - much much  faster and in no time so that we are back to where you left off. 

coming to Hibernate: The Hibernate option, in comparison to the very interesting Sleep mode uses even less power.


Allmost no power consumption.  And the good thing. it lands us at the same position where we last left off. 
The option however, should be used when you are aware that you won’t use your laptop for an extended period.

now what happens to me: But with the new mx-linux i close the lid of the notebook Lenovo G780 and i get no pwower off 

what can i do!? 

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Nick H.    10,217
10 minutes ago, tarifa said:

what can i do!? 

<Moved to the Linux forum>


Just doing a quick search online makes me think that it is an issue with Linux rather than the hardware - it looks like there have been several people over the years who have had this suddenly happen to them.


I don't know MX Linux, but have you double-checked to make sure the power settings are set correctly? Also, does this happen when the laptop is plugged in, when it is unplugged, or both?

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Mindovermaster    2,765

Yeah, check in Power Saving, AND Screensaver. Both of those will help you alot. :)

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