Bethesda games discounted 67% for another day or so (till July 31)

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Steven P.

I just picked up all Doom titles for €11.20 and I figured why not add everything from Quake too for €8.24 Looking around this price appears to be in a lot of game stores, so just checkout the one you use.


I had the boxed version of Quake 3 Arena, but somehow my cdkey got blacklisted (happened to a lot of customers) and it looks like I threw it out when I moved to my new house in 2015 because I can't find it anymore lol. Good times!


BTW I play Quake Champions as Neobond and I am not very good, if anyone wants to add me. 😛 

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Thank you, I loaded up with all of the Fallout series.  I won all of them (on console) but I always enjoy going back and playing games again after a few years.

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