Searching for a new bluetooth Headset

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I am looking for a headset for someone else. Their criteria is:
1) Bluetooth

2) Over the ear type
3) Boom Mic

The budget is AU$150 (USD 100), however willing to stretch for a great product

The use case is almost exclusively for calling on PC and mobile (iPhone). So wireless USB stuff won't do. It has to be Bluetooth.
I have looked at the Logitech H800, however reviews suggest that the battery goes bad after just 1 year and there is no way to replace the battery. The person wants something more durable than this.

I looked at gaming headsets but the ones with Bluetooth are way over budget. The likes of Audeze Mobius fits the criteria perfectly but way over budget. Steelseries headsets work but on mobile devices they have to be wired. I looked at certain Jabra headsets but I don't think there is a way to buy for consumers, looks like they are enterprise only.

Anywhere else to look?

EDIT: looks like Jabra is available on amazon but over the budget. Would still want something within the budget.

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WE have several H800 where I work and the battery is fine and has been well over a year.  I would suggest Plantronics but the ones I was looking at are over your price.


Mic, no boom mic, but this one has really good reviews.


Also other options from COWIN.

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