10 Years on Neowin - Thank you very much for making an impact on me.


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It's been quite a ride. Today marks my 10th anniversary since I registered on Neowin.

Today I just wanted to say thank you. This community has been a life-changer for me.

I remember I discovered Neowin when I was 16 (Now I'm 26) through a warez site (haha) , Katz.cd. I had that site recommended from a very good friend of mine. Katz.cd used to fetch Neowin's feed and display it on its site. I would click on it through time to time, and later on, managed to enter into the site by writing the URL. I spent some good months lurking, until I decided to comment out and show the whole Internet how much I knew about tech (arrogance at its finest).

Oh boy, that was the best worst decision ever. I thought I knew it all. The people around me didn't know anything about technology, so I thought most of the world would be like that. Not only I didn't know a thing, but I had the balls to pity and overcome several individuals in the comment section. It wasn't long, until the true Pros of Neowin came out of the ashes and taught me a lesson... 9 times.

I learned how valuable was experience, how things aren't the way they appear to be, to respect my elders, as they definitely knew much more than I did.

That was transformative for me, as I realized how little I knew, and ever since then, I have become a student of life. I respect and learn from anybody who is willing to teach me something valuable.


Thanks, sincerly


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