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Monitor Internet downtime without depending on computer/phone/etc.?



Is there a decent way to do this without depending on my Laptop/ Phone etc devices. 


But using a Device such as the Router itself (IDEAL & PREFERABLE)  (Forward / outbound checks or Inbound from certain sites mentioned) 


maybe an Alexa / Fire TV device?  


PS: I wouldnt mind using PRTG but I cant keep it awake all the time. But if it can extract some SNMP or similar data from my ROUTER and my GIgabit switch (Pro Curve) then I dont mind that either. 

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What is your router?  As shown pfsense monitors it internet connection(s) out of the box and graphs it for you, etc.  Does your router support 3rd party firmware?


Prob should get a mod to split this off into your own thread, and could just reference this one from 2017.

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