How do I reduce the sound from my 100 watt emergency siren ?


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Let me start by saying I’m not an electronics major and have no clue how to go about reducing the sound from my 100 watt emergency siren. I’m planning on installing this siren on a golf cart that will be used to respond to Fire & EMS calls at a living history museum/facility that encompasses approximately 40 acres with some roads, some pathways. Primarily concerned with pedestrian traffic but still needs to be loud enough to attract the attention of motorist on the roadways. My old siren (an inexpensive 100 watt also) actually could be adjusted with a rotary knob typically only affecting the PA volume but that particular unit was manufactured by a company overseas so it was wired differently from the standard electronic sirens sold here in the US. My new siren has no volume control for the “siren” output, only the PA. How do I reduce the “siren” volume without running the risk of damaging the amplifier ? Please tell me it’s a simple device I can add in line and not something that requires me opening up the amplifier and soldering something to the control board as I am definitely out of my league when it requires that type of procedure. Any help would be appreciated.

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