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I hvae posted B4 but no one seems to reply

I have Devilowns XP

It is on my hard disk after copying a CD with it on.

When copying to CDR, and trying to install it does not work and along the way says cannot copy files.... - e.g. kernel32.dll, and many other files mainly .dll

I made several copies using easy CD 3.5, Nero and Easy CD using Disc at once and all the same. It cannot copy different files in different installation attempts.

It installed fine from hard disk. (Its on a different partition. )

Any thoughts?

Whats a good program to use to copy properly the files across.

I have Nero, easy CD Creator 3.5 and 5.


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This is on the VERY verge of being a warez topic and it is likely that this will get closed / deleted but I'll try and help anyway.

You shouldn't have "copied" the files like you have done... you should get the original XP CD and grab CloneCD... use CloneCD to make an IDENTICAL copy of the CD. You don't want to mess about with just the files because it won't have boot capability and might not even work. You need to get back the main CD as it is unlikely that you can do much useful with the copied files you have [they might have become corrupted by a virus or similar, I don't know].

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I also had this problem when burning using Nero 5.5. This is because either Microsoft did this on purpose because they Nero is a very popular CD-Burner.

To solve this try using Fireburner (, this works perfectly (not that I've done this, I've just heard it...honest). Be sure to download the support files aswell.

You should NEVER copy files to CD via Drag 'n' Drop, as this won't make the CD bootable.

Hope this helps :-)

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You forgot to

Include Hidden Files = [X]

Long Filenames (Joliet) = [X]

Include System Files = [X]

Recurse Subdirectories = [X]

Here copy/paste instruction using CDRWIN.

Open up CDRWin and go to 'File Backup and Tools'...

. Add the directory, where you have extracted your old .ISO to the 'File Backup List'.

. Apply the following settings:

Preserve Full Pathnames = [_]

Include Hidden Files = [X]

Long Filenames (Joliet) = [X]

Include System Files = [X]

Recurse Subdirectories = [X]

Include Archive Files only = [_]

. Select a filename for your new .ISO image.

. Apply the following settings:

Check Directory Depth = [X]

Disable Version Numbers = [X]

Generate Raw Sectors = [_]

Disable DOS Conmpatibilty = [_]

. Proceed to the 'advanced options'...

. On the 'Volume Descriptor' tab:

Volume Label = WXPVOL_EN



. On the 'Bootable Disc' tab:

Make Bootable Disc = [X]

Media Emulation Type = Custom

Image File Name -> the place where you have stored the boot.bin on your HD.


Load Segment = 07C0

Load Sector Count = 4

. All settings done... Now just hit the 'START' button to burn your new bootable .ISO image

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