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Windows 10 Refuses to Get past Login Screen

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Edrick Smith    112

I've tried rolling back to removing system feature upgrades, going back to a restore point a week prior, running the startup repair, running a full system disk check. But nothing I can find has repaired this issue.

I've run malwarebytes in safemode to see if the system had any spyware and it was clean.

All of the sudden a desktop running Windows 10 will no longer allow the login to work, when you slide your mouse up or press spacebar to get the password prompt to show up, instead it just goes to a blurred screen and the password field never appears. It never lets you select a user, it just boots to the main screen with the time on it. Then as soon as you try to get it to let you select a user or enter a password it just never gets there in normal boot.

I can boot into safe mode just fine and login
However when doing a normal boot with all regular options enabled and even when doing a selective normal boot to try to eliminate something at startup hanging it it will not go past this blurry screen. It eventually times out and goes back to the normal login screen waiting for you to swipe up / hit space bar.

Disabling the motion blur had no change on the login screen.

To be clear this is what the screen looks like when it first boots up, it gets to this main screen with no blur with the time. You CANNOT do CTRL + ALT + DEL or the new combination on this screen. Any key you press just brings you to where the password / user selection screen would be and it just goes to that blurred screen.

I've already tried the diagnostic steps listed in the following URLS;



No amount of repair / roll back / remove previous feature updates has worked. I've run SFC repair also, checkdisk, etc....

For whatever reason windows just refuses in normal boot to bring up the password field.

I can login normally under safe mode

I've also removed the user password and disabled the requirement that a user enters a password to login, so now that I've disabled the requirement that a user enters a password to login instead now it boots directly into the blurred screen and doesn't even go to the screen with the time anymore.



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Geek@work    0

Same her. I have an i5 Dell XPS a bit older. Tried rolling back, etc.  Nothing works but SafeMode.

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Brandon H    3,147

I've had a similar issue on my laptop due to its slow 5400rpm drive; it'll tend to sit on that blurred screen for a few minutes or so and then will finally populate (sometimes I have to keep moving my mouse every minute or 2 to keep it from timing out like you experience).


if you have another HDD/SSD you could try swapping out the drive and do a new install to see if the issue persists on the replacement drive


edit: I have a fairly new Dell laptop with an i3 and a crappy 5400rpm drive; I really want to swap out the drive but the laptop has the annoying design where you have to remove the keyboard cable from the board too in order to get to the HDD and I almost broke the keyboard cable trying to get at it before (up arrow and a couple other keys don't work now) so decided not to mess with it on my own ...

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