Digital Sound not Working

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Sir Topham Hatt

I can't for the life of me work this out.

It might be that I'm missing a driver here so might be worth baring that in mind. 


PC: Windows 10 Pro

Motherboard: Asus P5Q-e

Speakers: Logitech Z906


I have a PC connected via an optical cable to some 5.1 speakers.

The PC is connected to the TV via an HD I cable.

The TV is connected to the speakers also by optical cable.


This means I can watch a film on the TV and have digital output to the speakers.


I could also watch a film on the PC and have digital output to the speakers.


The HD I cable also transfers sound which works well as some movies on the PC have quiet "front speaker" sound, so the TV boosts this.


However it seems the PC isn't actually giving any digital output. Sound looks like it's passing from the PC through HDMI to the TV, which then serves it to the speakers.


Windows confirms the sound output is HDMI.


When I "test" the other outputs, there's no sound from the speakers.


Should it be the SPDIF output that uses the optical port?



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Richard C.

SPDIF and TOSLINK are not the same, TOSLINK is for optical cable. If your device has an optical cable port it will output a gentle red light when it's enabled, connect your optical cable to this port.



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