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Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects

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svnO.o    26

I've been investing into cryptocurrency and blockchain projects for the past couple of years. I'm really excited about how some of these projects will revolutionize the way we trade, do business, and invest, along with the technology behind it. I'm a full stack developer who has been developing websites as a hobby and as a profession since I was 10 years old so this kind of thing is right up my alley. I even started my own crypto website to start spreading awareness and education on the topic (which you can see in my sig). I'm wondering if anyone else here is really interested in the technology and the implications it has for the future.


A quote I recently got from a video I watched by Andreas Antonopoulos explains some benefits of blockchain technology well:


"We have to also realize that the possibility of taking any startup, anywhere in the world, that has a powerful idea, execution, team, etc. and connects it to a pool of investors from anywhere in the world - that is enormously powerful. That's going to revolutionize the funding of new technologies and new ventures.


Democratizing access to investment is again another very powerful tool in reducing poverty. Again, it's about economic inclusion. We talk about the unbanked but banking is only one aspect of economic inclusion. Access to investment opportunities is one of the big things that separates and creates more inequality and separates the haves from the 'have nots'.


So if you live in a country that has access to very limited financial services you also have limited access to investment opportunities. Even in the United States, in order to invest in the private equity round for example, you have to be an accredited investor. You have to show that you have more than $200,000 of repeated annual income for 3 years in a row or more than a $1,000,000 in liquid assets not counting your primary residence. How many people have that? I can tell you it's a very very small number - so having that level of privilege gives you the ability to buy in to things before they become listed on the stock exchange."


I see blockchain technology revolutionizing the advertising space, allowing more transparency about who has access to what, and rewarding users fairly for their contributions. I also see a future where blockchain tech and AI technologies are combined and automated to where decisions can be made in real-time that benefit society as a whole due to access to large amounts of data that we've never seen before.


All in all, I'm super excited about the possibilities and am hoping some of you guys are too so we can share our excitement together :)


Where do you guys see blockchain technology headed? What are some of your favorite projects and why? If you're a developer, what are your thoughts on the technology moving forward?

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