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Friends PC being controlled remotely?

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cosrocket    3

A friend asked me to look at his daughters PC running Windows 10, he said there was something wrong with the mouse, that it "had a mind of it's own". I go over and when she let go of the mouse it just started moving all over the screen by itself. I looked to see if there was anything amiss and didn't see anything in the programs list under Control Panel, or in msconfig, BUT when I looked in the hidden icons in the taskbar there was an icon that said Remote Utilities and when I clicked on it i showed some IP address. When I clicked on exit Remote Utilities the mouse all of a sudden stopped moving by itself. I then ran Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes awdcleaner and Bitdefender and a just a few items were found (I think it was called systweak). After running all of these programs and then restarting the PC the Remote Utilities icon appeared again in the taskbar.


So short of reformatting the hard drive is there anything else I can do to get rid of this?  

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+BudMan    3,514

Even if any of those tools had founds something.. If you feel the box has been comprised to the level that they had remote control, and not just some junk typical malware/pup


Nuking it from Orbit is prob your safest course of action.


Its the ONLY WAY to be SURE ;)

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