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Windows 10 Audio/Video Sync Problems Fix

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Trumpet Zen    0

I have spent a month following suggestion after suggestion on just how to sync the audio and video (about a second lag) on my new Hewlett Packard PC with Windows 10.  I tried everything.  I normally use Bose AE2 Soundlink Hands Free bluetooth over ear headphones but it was lagging no matter what audio device I used.  I finally stumbled upon (in the Bose community) that newer PCs with Windows 10 and a pre-downloaded firmware of Realtek (Realpaininthea$$) Audio. I used to use a Bluetooth Dongle on my previous PC and it had Windows without downloaded Bluetooth and I never had the audio/video syncing problem.  So I went into Device Manager, Hit the Arrow for Sound and disabled RealTek Audio (I didn't uninstall just in case).  I then pulled out my dongle (alright, alright clean up your minds!) and plugged it into USB.  My Driver Booster then offered me to update drivers for my Insignia Dongle so I did that (took about 5 minutes) and used IT as my Bluetooth source.  I cleared all the saved devices on my Bluetooth & Other Devices and re-added them with the new updated Dongle.  No lag whatsover on YouTube, Netflix or anything else.  So check your PC in Device Manager and see if you have RealTek Audio as your default sound.  If so simply right click and disable it and invest in a $20 Insignia (or other brand) of Dongle.  I got mine at Best Buy and I recommend that brand.  It's four years old, never failed me and is updatable. I hope this helps someone because I was going insane. Peace

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