We played modern games on a CRT monitor - and the results are phenomenal

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We played modern games on a CRT monitor - and the results are phenomenal




"It's true. Running modern games on a vintage CRT monitor produces absolutely outstanding results - subjectively superior to anything from the LCD era, up to and including the latest OLED displays. Best suited for PC players, getting an optimal CRT set-up isn't easy, and prices vary dramatically, but the results can be simply phenomenal.


The advantages of CRT technology over modern flat panels are well-documented. CRTs do not operate from a fixed pixel grid in the way an LCD does - instead three 'guns' beam light directly onto the tube. So there's no upscaling blur and no need to run at any specific native resolution as such. On lower resolutions, you may notice 'scan lines' more readily, but the fact is that even lower resolution game outputs like 1024x768 or 1280x960 can look wonderful. Of course, higher-end CRTs can input and process higher resolutions, but the main takeaway here is that liberation from a set native resolution is a gamechanger - why spend so many GPU resources on the amount of pixels drawn when you can concentrate on quality instead without having to worry about upscale blurring?"




I don't agree on everything with the author, but I do support his thesis overall.


Let's not forget that the CRTs were also absolutely brutal to our eyes.

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I think most people already knew CRTs are still "better" for gaming, but the inconvenience of size/weight/availability (now)/eye strain is enough to push people to LCDs. 


I had a Sony FW900 up until a few years ago which was still really good for gaming, but ultimately when I moved house the inconveniences outweighed the benefits so I ended up selling it (got  €1200 :laugh:

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An interesting article / video, however I don't think anything will convince me I need to invest in a CRT again.


I remember anything less than 85hz on a CRT always used to look like the screen was flickering really badly, so i'd use 1024x768 @ 85hz over a higher resolution. I didn't half get some headaches / eyestrain from looking at a CRT screen at 60hz for more than a couple of minutes.


At the time I remember people sating CRT's supposedly gave off more radiation compared to an LCD, however I don't honestly know if that was true or not.

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