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Bluetooth headphones are paired to system, but will not connect, can not remove it from system

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jnelsoninjax    12,354

So I have these great noise canceling headphones that I have used on my system plenty of times, but now the last two times I have attempted to use them, they show up under bluetooth, and when I press connect it says "That didn't work. Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable, then try again." I have attempted to remove the device so I could re pair to the system, but when I press remove device, I get the message that it failed. Just for troubleshooting, I attempted to use another pair of Bluetooth headphones that are also paired to the system, but they also give the same message. This is Windows 10 1903 X64. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix this issue? I have also removed all listing of them in the device manager, yet it still shows up in the list.

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Mindovermaster    2,623

I had this exact problem in Linux. It may not be the same as your case, but hear me out...


Sometimes, BT can mess up, where it can't pair anything. So what I would do is kill the program that is running the BT service, and then restart it. Does it work every time? No. Other times, I would just restart the system.


Now I think it, did it work in a previous version of W10?


Just thought I'd throw that out...

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