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New Monitor Setup

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dbeck666    0

Hi there,


Just looking for a bit of advice. I want to get two new monitors for a dual monitor set up. Don't want to spend too much. They don't need to be the best monitors, won't be used for gaming or in a professional environment, just something I can do uni work and some work from home on.


I was looking at these ones by Phillips: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-246E9QSB-00-Monitor-Colour/dp/B07CRS1MBG/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=24+inch+monitor&qid=1570311474&refinements=p_n_feature_five_browse-bin%3A319937031%2Cp_n_condition-type%3A12319067031&rnid=12319066031&s=computers&sr=1-13


Just wanted to see if anybody had any ideas for any that might be better than this but at a similar price. Computer has DVI connection, not HDMI, so DVI ports preferable. 


Thank you,


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Mindovermaster    3,465

I have 2x Dell 24" screens I got off from Amazon. I think they were $175USD. On sale from $300.


I suggest you look at the Dell UltraSharps. Just don't get the cheapest. Mine has HDMI, DVI, DP, DP-out (daisy chain), and USB3 hub.


What graphic card do you have?

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