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I wanna make an L desk with doors and these legs.

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Izlude    101

Hi again, this time I'm planning on making an L desk using hollow core doors. The problem with hollow doors is that the legs usually don't have any place to screw into because the door is hollow, save for the edges. I DID however find these kinds of legs and I'm wondering if you think they'll be sturdy enough:




See how they screw onto the edges only and not usually where the door is hollow. On one desk will be the monitor, but on the far left edge (where it will begin to corner) will be a 25lb computer case (Core P3). The other table will have a WF-7610 printer and a 12" plotter. Might these objects be too heavy?  Will the center of the desk sink in from the weight?


I live in an area where the furniture is $800+ or just not what I'm looking for. Delivery from Ikea (10 hours away) charges $300 delivery for what I almost bought.. The doors only cost $30 each. Could I somehow fill them in with foam to add structure?

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Steven P.    14,234

Personally I think those legs will be fine for what you want. Good choice! 👍

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