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My laptop powered off.

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Bruinator    44

My laptop suddenly turned off by itself when i stepped away from it. The same thing happened to my a few months ago. At that time, I left it unplugged for an hour and turned it on and it worked fine until now. It is an asus x550za that I bought in 2015. I always keep it plugged in when I use it so I dont use the battery much at all.  This PC runs kind of hot but I was told by some on here it ASUS does run hot by design. i assume if it was the power cord, it would still run on battery so I dont think it is that. Any ideas? I am not a gamer.



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Brandon H    3,608

what does the battery health read and does it stay powered on at all off of the power cord?


as odd/bad as it sounds I had a laptop before that routed everything through the battery regardless of being plugged in so when the battery crapped out I couldn't power on even plugged in ... so could be a similar situation for you depending.


you could also open it up and clean out any dust etc to see if that makes any difference.


in my personal experience my general consumer (non business grade) laptops only ever seem to last a few years or so, so that would line up with the age of yours; it may have just hit its limit and be crapping out.

I see you made another thread about thinking of upgrading due to this and that may be the easier and better option; you could get a pretty good improvement hardware wise even with a decently priced PC :)

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