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UK ISP Suggestion?



So for various reasons, I'm sort of fed up of Sky.


Their tech support spouts a load of drivel to the most part, just moved from an off contract plan (Sky Fibre Unlimited Plus at 55/10, which actually stayed at this speed at a stable rate for two years until today) to Their 'Superfast' service which is supposed to be capped at a max of 80/20, however, they seem to have capped me at 40/10, which is less than I was already getting.


Try to talk to their tech support and they're looking for 'faults on the line' its like... errrr no. You're capping me, it's not a fault. Regardless they're sending out a BT Openreach engineer to investigate, I imagine he's likely to find nothing because it's by design. (clearly capped btw, downstream is exactly 40000, upstream is precisely 9999)


This happened literally the day the new contract started too.


So I have a 30 day cool-down period, assuming he, as expected finds nothing wong, I'll be moving elsewhere.


But where?


My three main factors to look for is -

- No arbitrary speed limit like this, just give me what my line can handle

- Truly unlimited, or a FUP that's so high it'll never be an issue

- Quality tech support.


BE Broadband used to be excellent back in the day. Is there an ISP like that that still exists? One where both the members and staff are genuine experts and don't simply rely on a basic script to get by?


(Virgin cable is a non starter, not in the area at all)

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I have seen Zen Internet mentioned as being a decent provider in the UK.




Aryeh Goretsky


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