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Windows Start Menu and Menu Bar problems recently with Win 10 Build 1803

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Zoea    2

HI there

I use sledgehammer, which blocks windows updates. When I installed it I picked some updates to apply to 1803.

Since this, I have had trouble with the start menu and menu bar. The menu bar, right-clicking pinned items only shows 'remove' or 'close' if it's open. Close doesn't work...


The start menu sometimes opens with the list grey and at that point, I can't scroll it (I think) nor select a program. Reopening the menu fortunately often fixes this and it doesn't happen every time.

The menu bar especially seems broken now. What happened? I heard about a start menu bug fix kb for a newer build possibly so I ran sledgehammer again and updated all but the feature update - the problem remains!


It was suggested to me on Reddit to run SFC then DISM if that doesn't work, then if *that* doesn't work upgrade to 1903. I don't want to do that with a Ryzen system that otherwise works. Is this even reasonable?


Thank you for reading - input welcome.

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