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New DJI Drone, 'Mavic Mini' leaks ahead of event

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dipsylalapo    1,793

So one I've been keeping an eye on since I started hearing the leaks, but it's now pretty much official. DJI will be launching a Mavic Mini drone. 


Some specs from the Newegg page

  • 249g Ultralight
  • 30-min Max. Flight Time
  • 4 km HD Video Transmission
  • Vision Sensor + GPS Precise Hover
  • 3-Axis Gimbal 2.7K Camera
  • Simplified Recording & Editing
  • Battery
  • Two-Way Charging Hub, Charging Hub, DJI Mini Bag, Snap Adapter, Propeller Holder
  • Remote controller


and an excerpt from the Verge article


An early retail listing on Newegg’s Canadian store has given us official images of DJI’s unannounced Mavic Mini, as well as listing its specs. DJI’s new drone is something of an open secret at this point. We saw an FCC listing for the drone back in August, and DroneDJ published hands on images just last week. But the retailer listing adds credence to those earlier leaks, and prices the diminutive drone at $646.15 Canadian dollars (around $494) when sold with DJI’s Fly More kit.


One of the more important specs listed on Newegg’s page is the drone’s weight of just 249g. This means that any owners in the US (and soon the UK) won’t have to register this drone with the authorities in order to fly it. Previously, DJI’s lightest Mavic drone was the Mavic Air, which weighs 430g, far above the FAA registration cutoff of 8.8 ounces (250g). Both the retailer listing as well as images leaked earlier this month from DroneDJ show how it’s small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. DroneDJ notes that it has a similar width and height to a smartphone.



DJI event is due to take place on Weds (30/1) at 9am Eastern - Link

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dipsylalapo    1,793

And it's official



Price for the drone - £369 and with the FlyMore combo - £459


Great value I think

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Jazmac    2,737

I'm a line of site drone pilot anyway so this would work for me.  Easier to carry than my Spark.

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dipsylalapo    1,793

Also love the the charging dock thing. Looks great!

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Skiver    1,960

I've wanted a drone for years, not that I have any practical use or anything just a cool gadget but they've always been too expensive for me to justify. 


This is going to be play havoc with my brain now, that's a really good price for what it does.

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