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Windows 10 ARM for Lumia 950/XL/Acer Jade Primo: Cellular improvements thanks to french hacker's efforts

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The_GTA    1

Many of you might think that the Lumia 950 and its operating system are dead. Even one of the most prominent hackers argued that hacking the Microsoft smartphone has come to an end. To our surprise, said french hacker has proven us completely wrong by creating a completely new Windows 10 ARM cellular support for builds past 18912!


Don't get this wrong: there are still many months of hard hacker effort left until WoA turns into a productive environment. But with this expertise at hand, what else could be left brewing in Gustave's mind? Will he implement or fix USB-C HDMI out support? With a little support from you guys the pocket PC dream can become a reality.


If you are willing to undertake experiments with your phone, you can try upgrading it to WoA using community tools and guides. I have made a video about the 1909 driver pack which should be a good starting point (links to tools in the description).

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