Plastic and nail polish remover

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Hello. I am an idiot. I understand and I am fully aware of my mistake but. Today I decided to remove stickers from my PS4 pro and when it leaves stains I will just use nail polish remover . I used nail polish remover and now it has spots in the plastic. They are black spots () is there any way to restore it to factory condition? The spots are black. They look like if you spill water on something. It looks wet  but it isnt. ( I can't upload pictures) Thanks for the replies.


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Are the stickers, the logo of the PS4?

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You need to use something that doesn't eat plastic. As far as restoring it, you could get something to fill it, sand it and then repaint it but otherwise there's not really anything you can do as far as I'm aware.

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On 11/1/2019 at 5:44 PM, Mattbis said:

is there any way to restore it to factory condition?


Replacement plastic case part from ebay or buy one of the cheap vinyl decals and hide it in plain sight. 


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Do you have a photo of the damage?


And yes, never ever use nail polish remover on plastic, you want something IPA based.

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