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Woke Up to a Dead Drive...

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Gerowen    1,244

Woke up this morning to one of my Western Digital Gold 12TB drives having failed in my home server. Thing is less than 2 years old, but was making repetitive seeking noises and Debian was spitting out "block read" errors and eventually dropping into recovery mode when I tried rebooting the system. Good thing it was part of a RAID 1 group so no data lost, but still a pain that an enterprise drive that young died in a home server setup.


It all started because I noticed Nextcloud wasn't responding when I woke up this morning, even after restarting the Apache service. My other Apache virtual host was working fine, but it's a simple html page that is stored only on the system drive itself, Nextcloud is stored on the system drive, but the user files are stored in the RAID group.


I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure this should be covered under WD's warranty. The server is stationary, connected to a managed UPS, etc. The thing hasn't had a sudden loss of power or hard reset in the entire life of the drives; I always perform a graceful reboot, automatic updates perform graceful reboots on a schedule, and in the event of an outage, when the UPS battery drains to a certain point the server does an automatic shutdown and then turns itself back on when power is restored. Temperatures inside the case are always acceptable; the CPU hovers around the 40ish celsius mark because 4 of its 6 cores are always running Folding@Home, but even under full load the thing never breaks 50 celsius on the CPU, and the drives themselves have a large fan literally right beside them blowing air across them. There's no reason I can think of that a high dollar drive like that should die this young in a home environment.


I did take the drive out and put it in another PC.  Attempts to benchmark or reformat the drive fail, and when I run SMART self-tests it fails with thousands of bad sectors listed.


I'm gonna try to RMA it, so right now I've got shred running on it to try and delete as much of our data as possible before shipping it off to Western Digital.



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Mindovermaster    3,160

About all you can do, mate. Even corporate class parts die when you least expect it. The important thing you need is backups. ;)

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