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China’s Tencent will seamlessly embed video ads directly into movies

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dipsylalapo    1,876

So I went to a work conference a few weeks back and there was a talk on capturing data (from websites/apps) and whether or not it was personalisation of a service or manipulation of a person. 


They played a video from Tencent, below, where Tencent were able to add adverts to movies/films post production. So they were able to tailor the viewing experience for particular audiences. 


The technology behind this is very cool, but the social implications are probably yet to be fully understood. 





It’s quite common to see ads that interrupt your videos mid-stream on the web. However, Chinese tech giant Tencent is trying something different – embedding the ad into an object right within the video you’re watching.


For instance, if an actor is holding a cup of coffee, you’ll see an ad on the cup. Check out the mindblowing video below posted by Matthew Brannan,an analyst who focuses on Chinese companies.



How do people feel about this?

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