Edge - back up history, saved passwords, etc.?

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We are replacing one of my employee's computers today. He's running Edge and wants to back up not only favorites, but browsing history and saved passwords. Is there a way to do this? We can't use sync because it's greyed out in the settings panel, presumably because we are on a domain. He has saved settings for logging on to our payroll company as well as banking. If we can't transfer Edge data to new computer, then it's going to be a lengthy and major pain of a process to reset the payroll login info.


Is there a folder in appdata or anything that can be copied and pasted on the new computer to bring everything over? Or a way to unlock the sync settings panel so he can use a MS account to sync everything?

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Jim K

Favorites can be backed up in Edge (... > Settings > Import from another browser > Export to file)


Passwords I think can be done from the Windows Credential Manager (not 100% sure)


No idea about the history 

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This is a good time to practice better password credential storage? The company should pay for Lastpass at least for him.

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