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Powershell FileSystemWatcher stops running after script end


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I have a powershell script that instantiates a FileSystemWatcher to do some file manipulation.  Within the Powershell environment, I run it - it works fine.


If I run from "Right-click, run with Powershell" it runs once and then stops.  The FSW just doesn't persist.


Anyone know a way around this?  I'd like it to continue running (kinda like a daemon)?


Relevant code below:


Write-EventLog -LogName Application -Source “Converter” -EventId 0 -EntryType "Information" -Message "Script started"

$inputFolder = "c:\blahblahblah\files\in";
$inputFiletype = "txt";
$FileSystemWatcher = New-Object System.IO.FileSystemWatcher;
$FileSystemWatcher.Path = $inputFolder;
$FileSystemWatcher.Filter = "*.$inputFiletype"
$FileSystemWatcher.IncludeSubdirectories = $true
$FileSystemWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents = $true;

$EventSubscription = Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $FileSystemWatcher -EventName Created -Action{
    $details = $event.SourceEventArgs
    $FullPath = $details.FullPath
	Write-EventLog -LogName Application -Source “Converter” -EventId 0 -EntryType "Information" -Message "File found: $FullPath"
	Start-Sleep -s 3

	.. Stuff that doesn't matter here ..


To reiterate, when run within the PowerShell ISE - it runs and carries on, the FSW remains active.

When run as a script, it doesn't

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