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Bluetooth mouse and keyboard won't wake my PC's

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cosrocket    4

I have 2 pretty new PC's running Windows 10. I am using a Bluetooth Logitech MX Master mouse and Logitech Bluetooth keyboard but neither the mouse or the keyboard will wake my PC's from sleep. I went to Device manager and power settings and allow this device to wake this PC is already checked. This is such an easy thing to do on my Mac but it's frustrating that this does not work with Windows 10. Is there some kind of BIOS setting that I have to change? I'd appreciate any help with this.

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Brandon H    3,639

Mac is an exception I believe; normally bluetooth is not capable of waking a device. At least I've never gotten bluetooth to be able to wake any of my Windows computers in the past.


this article says it's possible by setting the allow wake on the device itself but not the bluetooth adapter but I've never had luck with it either.



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