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Private Internet Access VPN to be acquired by malware company founded by former Israeli spy

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Mindovermaster    2,529


The following article contains quotes and links meant to inform VPN consumers concerning the ownership, affiliations, and past business practices of Kape Technologies (formerly known as Crossrider) in light of their acquisition of Private Internet Access VPN.

I'd like to start by giving credit where it is due. Forbes did some excellent reporting which detailed the business practices of Crossrider (Kape Technologies) prior to the recent news of their acquisition of PIA. Much of that article will be used for context throughout this one. I highly recommend reading it.


Kape Technologies is better known by the name under which they were formerly incorporated - "Crossrider" but make no mistake they are the same company which became notorious as an adware/malware producer.


[VPNPro] Private Internet Access announces merger with Kape Technologies:

Original: https://vpnpro.com/blog/private-internet-access-announces-merger-with-kape-technologies-in-latin/
Archived: https://archive.md/xyA9Z#selection-755.0-755.140

Kape Technologies was originally known as Crossrider until the name change in 2018. The reason for that was, as CEO Ido Erlichman put it, “strong association to the past activities of the company.” Perhaps that refers to infecting users’ devices with malware and adware, considered “high-risk” by Symantec and Malwarebytes.

If that wasn’t enough, Crossrider’s Founder and first CEO Koby Menachemi, was part of Unit 8200 – something that can be called Israel’s NSA. Another key person, Teddy Sagi, who is the main investor in both Crossrider and Kape Technologies, is mentioned in the Panama Papers....


Source: https://telegra.ph/Private-Internet-Access-VPN-acquired-by-malware-business-founded-by-former-Israeli-spies-12-01?fbclid=IwAR0OsDYWGYWUKyIIlW6AA-5D5tAxamygnHzHRWZ9PUamYW_CyCP99vQqC4k


Any PIA members, might wanna switch...

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Xenon    7,498


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+virtorio    3,163

Interesting, Kape also own Cyberghost, Intego (one of the most well know macOS anti-virus products) and (in my opinion) junk such as DriverFix and Restoro.

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