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Google Chrome Fake CA/Certificate name?

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malania    0

Hi guys,


my friend has been having a query about google searches. He noticed in one of his not-a-friend's laptop that while performing a google search in different countries, there would be a 'custom' CA or EV name next to google domain. As you know google chrome doesn't show up company names next to the padlock (anymore). But what's surprising is that if you refer to the attachments, you'll find some random CA names or EV names (not sure if that's the correct term) next to different google domains.


Now if my knowledge isn't wrong, the names listed below dont belong to google so it makes sense to say that the guy has either setup a custom CA (but why?) or maybe used an extension to do the same?


Is this even possible? if so, why would someone do this? Google has its own EV anyways .

browser ca 1.PNG

browser ca 2.PNG

browser ca 3.PNG

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