Windows RT Tablet - Can I Do Anything With it?

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Sir Topham Hatt

I have a first gen Windows RT tablet.

I only use it rarely now, only if I go away on a long train journey or plane.


Not sure if I read there is a version of Windows 10 that would run on ARM processors?


It can run what I need as it is so not that bothered but if it can run something perhaps more stable or more accepting of programs (although VLC is fine)... I guess I just want to know all my options.



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Brandon H

the first gen RT tablet has some jailbreak opportunities if you google but I'm not sure if there are any alternate OSs you can install on it honestly

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Beyond Jailbreaking i dont think any alternate OS's such as Android or Linux were ever ported to RT devices.


XDA developers maintained a list of desktop apps ported to Windows RT that can be used when jailbroken.


Theirs also Win86emu that allows jailbroken Windows RT devices to run x86 binaries, I believe some apps work ok, however many are quite slow / don't work at all. A small list of compatible apps can be found here.

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