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Definitive Best PC Manufacturer for 2020

Definitive Best Computer Manufacturer 2020  

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goretsky    1,184

For 2020, I thought I'd try something a little new and ask folks to share whom their favorite PC manufacturer is.  If you are a build-it-yourself type of person, be sure to specify Other (specify below) and share your favorite/preferred parts manufacturer.


This poll is multiple choice, so that you can select two (or more) choices.  If you do choose multiple options, please leave a comment with the ones you chose and why.  


Aryeh Goretsky 

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ThaCrip    728



I tend to build stuff myself as the last time I bought a pre-built desktop was in 2001 (basically I had four pre-built desktops and pretty much two do-it-myself desktops on a personal level). because while I get with the average person they tend to like simple and will likely opt for a pre-built PC with a decent warranty, I prefer building one since you can generally get better quality components for a similar price (possibly better(?)) etc.


but on the two desktops I built for myself personally I have used ASUS motherboards. my current main PC I had since May 2012 although I used the case from my original one I initially built in March 2006 (was my previous main PC) but just swapped the motherboard/CPU/RAM out. in fact, the motherboard/CPU and somewhat RAM I had in the March 2006 PC, after I removed those, they were pretty much retired til about a year or so ago in which I got a hold of a cheap quality PSU (Seasonic) for only $2x.xx and used the old case from a PC I had in 2001 and put that into it which was a solid upgrade for next to no $ (it's a passable backup internet machine) and I figure even if that thing dies (it's got some swollen capacitors, which it was this way when I removed it from my computer in May 2012, but it's still rock stable), I can use the PSU in my main PC if my main PC's PSU ever dies since the PSU in my main pc was from Nov 2012 and is still going which is the longest I have had a PSU to date as it runs pretty much 24/7. it's Seasonic brand as, around the time I got it, I heard Seasonic are one of the more reliable PSU brands in general and, at least given my (limited) experience with PSU's, it's easily the longest lasting one I have had (since typically in the past all of my PSU's generally fail roughly within a year or so after the warranty ends (all previous PSU's I have had usually are 3 year warranty(one was a 2 year)) but currently that Seasonic one is past the warranty (which is a 5 year warranty) by 2 years and 2 months and counting). hell, even the one in my old PC I got roughly a year or so ago is Seasonic as I got a solid buy for only $2x.xx as not long after the person selling it must have caught on and raised their price to $40 for the same one which at that price, it's not bad, but not that great of a deal either as it's about normal price.


but anyways... as for AMD vs Intel, back in March 2006, AMD was still king (which i think it was for at least 5+ years prior to that over Intel in terms of gaming and the like) but shortly after I made that Intel came out with the Core 2 Duo stuff and, to my knowledge they have pretty much been ahead ever since in terms of speed per core and I suspect they are generally more energy efficient to. but, without researching stuff too much, it seems in fairly recent memory AMD is more competitive with Intel as I think you can generally get more CPU cores for less money than a Intel CPU. so it seems like if you do stuff that uses more cores, AMD is probably a safer bet but if not, I suspect Intel is probably the safer choice still. but I plan on milking my May 2012 system (i3-2120 CPU/8GB of RAM/1050 Ti 4GB GPU etc) for as long as I can as this way when I upgrade it will be a rather large upgrade for minimal $.

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