Epson Matte inkjet paper (3 star vs 4 star vs 5 star)

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What is the real difference between the star ratings in Epsons matte premium papers? I see a 3 star Premium Presentation Matte 13x19, 100 sheets, for 30 dollars. Does less stars mean washed out images? I used a demo pack, didn't say what star rating it was, but it was perfect. Rich colors, deep blacks, no weird contrast as seen when printing to regular old cardstock (on cardstock the black looks brighter than surrounding colors, it's weird), but this demo paper was everything I hoped for. Sadly the demo pack came from a thrift store. Should I just opt for 5 star matte? We are planning to sell the prints. The $30 100 sheets sounds like a great deal though..

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Jim K

Aren't the Epson star ratings basically the thickness/weight of the paper?


If these are for photos (or similar) for sell it might be best to select the heavier stock.

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