Macy's, Kohl's, and JCPenny's bad Holiday 2019

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I read an article today that Macy's, Kohl's, and JCPenny's had a bad holiday season. The title of the article was America turned its back on local retailers. Now I spend a lot of money each year on shopping and that got me asking myself why I don't ever shop at these stores? It seems like most everything I bought this year was from Amazon and Best Buy. I don't trust Amazon as much anymore because of all the fake items so just about all my tech I order from the local Best Buy. That is as long as the prices are competitive, but thankfully Best Buy does a great job at keeping their prices inline.  Honestly another reason I do it is because I have been trying to support other companies other than Amazon.  Spent a lot of money this year at Best Buy :(


So I went out to Macy's website trying to find out why I don't shop there. I always liked Macy's. They have a nice site. Seems pretty easy to navigate. Thankfully these companies have gotten smart and most sites now offer free shipping over x dollars and even have next day or 2 day shipping. With all that being said why don't I shop at these sites? I ask myself what can they do to change their downward trend? The sad thing is I don't know. There must be some weird Jedi stuff going on here where subconsciously I am drawn to Amazon. Is it because technology is the big seller right now (TV's, Smart devices, etc.) and these companies don't really sell this stuff so it's hurting them? People need clothes. People need perfume/cologne and small kitchen appliances and such so that can't be it.


I wanted to post on their Twitter and tell them they need to get the feedback from the consumers to find out what they need to change to get customers to shop at their stores. I'm not even talking going to the stores. They can do well online but they're not.


Maybe it is as simple as Amazon has everything and people just don't waste their time going to any other site. Why waste the time right?


Since I can't answer the question I ask what do you think these companies need to do to compete? What's the reason that you don't shop at these iconic American stores?

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i never shop online for macy's, my wife does a little.    I have one right near me in the mall, so i go there instead.


They have nice stuff (clothes, sheets, pillows, small appliances), but maybe it's a trepidation of buying clothes online?  i'd rather go in person for clothes.

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The article [I think] was pertaining to the brick-and-mortar stores, not online purchases.  Who wants to deal with rude people, parking and the chaos in the stores at that time of the year?


The only thing I won't buy online is clothes other than socks, underwear and jeans.  I like to look and feel the item in my hand, plus looking at the item online which is always pictured against a white background which tends to  distorts the colors.

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59 minutes ago, notta said:

 I don't trust Amazon as much anymore because of all the fake items so just about all my tech I order from the local Best Buy.

 I only buy directly from amazon and not third parties. I stopped doing that after a few times when I received used, and usually defective items. The last time I used a third party on amazon, I received a leviton wifi switch that was clearly used (safety wrap already removed, stickers gone-- residue, and there was a cut romex cable screwed in). I'd be less annoyed from that if I knew I was buying used, but at full price and marked as new... no.

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