background and foreground: discussion of a little GIMPWork with black and white

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hello dear all  good day dear friends on Neowin 


first of all - i hope that i am right to post this thread here in this subforum.  Plz  - if not - just set me straight. 

Above all: i am very very glad to be part of this great community. I really like this great community  for its power of idea- and knowledge sharing and creation of new thinking. 

many thanks.



currently working on a little campaign i need to have a kind of a school- or classroom that functions as a kind of foil in the background where in the foreground i set a claim...

version a. Wir suchen die digitalsteschule Deutschlands. 
es geht um unser Land 

[b]translated[/b]: were looking for the most digital school in Germany
its about our country.



version  b. Wo ist die digitalste Schule Deutschlands 
es geht um unser Land 

translated: where is the most digital school in Germany
its about our country.



question: i want to know which image looks more convincing and nice. Which is better. 
I have created several views on the version a. - small and narrow look and view and a more widescaled view

i have created one version of b:  


i for one - like the version a.  and especially the one with the narrow look - wehre we cannot see the full classroom.



i look forward to hear from you



credits: photo taken with the consent of the author Clemens Vogelsang
photo published under the creative commons 2  see


many many Thanks dear Clemens!! Glad that i can use your image.;)


Fulton Montgomery Community College - Classroom






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