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How to block notifications in web browsers

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Notifications which pop up on your screen can be distracting and annoying. Here's how to disable them in the various web browsers as of January, 2020:


Google Chrome

Select Settings → Advanced → Site Settings → Notifications from the main menu, and change "Ask before sending (recommended)" to Blocked.


Mozilla Firefox

Select Tools → Options → Privacy & Security from the main menu, scroll down to Permissions → Notifications, select Settings, click on "Remove all websites" and then check (select) "Block new requests asking to allow notifications".


Microsoft Internet Explorer

(does not support notifications, as far as I know)


Microsoft Edge (pre-Chrome)

Open Windows Settings (not Edge's) and go to System → Notifications & Actions, scroll down to Notifications, and set "Get notifications from apps and other senders" to Off.


Microsoft Edge (Chrome-based)

Open Settings and More → Settings → Site permissions, select Notifications and set "Ask before sending (recommended)" to Off.




Aryeh Goretsky

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