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G.Skill Trident Z Dual Channel not working on i9 and Z390

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PzSniper    3

On 11th Jan on this forum i received amazing support choosing my PC parts , well after a week all pieces has arrived but ...got a big big problem... Hoping another time on your time and support, here's what happened.


i assembled my new pc, and here are the specs






...but i can use ONLY 1 DIMM of my G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C16Dm DDR4-3200MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.35V 16GB (2x8GB)

1 DIMM works B2 both of them if interchanged.

2 DIMM doesn't work in any combination b2 a2 or b1 a1...system start with MEM OK test, flash cpu red, flash yellow dimm led, reboot few times and then stop with 2 leds on solid yellow .


I dunno what to try after 5 hrs... already updated ASUS BIOS of ROG STRIX z390-F to the latest 1401 dated 11 Dec. 2019


ofc ram is listen on QVL for this mobo....


Please advice

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Jim K    14,129

Well ... hmmm.  If you tried each individual memory and it boots fine with them separately ... I would have to say there is probably an issue with the motherboard.  Did you try a single module in each of the four slots?


I doubt this will solve the problem ... but pop one stick in (ASUS recommends the A2 slot) ... get into the BIOS enable XMP.  Shutdown and put in the other module. I highly doubt that will work and probably a waste of time.


With two modules the ASUS manual recommends slot A2 and B2.


Anyway, tl;dr ... I would put in a ticket with ASUS (or return back to dealer).  Hopefully you didn't bend any pins on the CPU socket.

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Steven P.    14,586

The board should be okay with the memory, here's mine for reference (mine are ripjaws)




Do you have the latest BIOS update? and maybe a silly question but did you consult the manual regarding supported memory configurations?


I can't remember exactly, but I am quite sure I had to enable the XMP memory profile to override the default 2133MHz memory speed so they would even work at 3200MHz. XMP and checking dual channel is enabled would be my first suggestion, and obviously the latest BIOS.


Edit: I just saw my most recent BIOS update disabled the X.M.P profile, I just re-enabled it so I am back to 3200MHz again. Why does a BIOS update disable the default selected profile?? ugh.



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Mindovermaster    2,722

I have that same memory, G.Skill Trident Z


I have 4x8GB on my board, and all 32GB are showing up.


So either one of the memory controllers is bad on your CPU, or the memory pins are busted. Try reseating your CPU. (look for bent pins, too)

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