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Asus Vg248 or Alienware AW2720HF

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Tjarboe    36

I have a Asus VG248 and am considering getting a Alienware AW2720HF ( I have found one a good price).  What I'm wandering, will I notice a bigger difference?  I know the Asus is a TN and the Alienware is IPS.

Thanks for any help!


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Mindovermaster    2,722

Well, it is better all around. BUT... do you NEED it? Is your ASUS failing in any way? Or are you just using it to make a dual display?


It has a larger screen 24-27

It has a faster refresh rate. 144-240

As you mentioned, TF-IPS


Is it better, yes, but do you need it?


Edit: Never knew Alienware made monitors. Just thought they make desktops and laptops.

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