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[UK] Server rack purchase advice



Hello! I've been thinking about a little spare room/office server rack for a while now, I wondered whether anyone had any recommendations (UK based would be great) about what to go for.


I've had a look at this little fella basically to go beside an office desk, to hold two machines in a case like this - ideally this would also need a shelf for my current NAS, as well as space for a switch at the front and a rack power extension on the back.


Will be looking at Proxmox/NAS usage. This is total overkill as it stands for home use, I know, and I should just bare-metal for home use instead of Proxmox, I know this too, but as I like to say, if you can spend money and get more in debt, then why let a good (bad) idea go to waste? :)


Thanks guys.

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