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Pulling Amazon Rating Stars, Rating Count and Product reviews with Product Advertising API 


tarifa    1

Hi there - good day

what i am after is the following: Pulling Amazon Rating Stars, Rating Count and Product reviews with Product Advertising API 

What I am after is being able to pull just the stars, and the amount of reviews for a given product WITHOUT breaking the TOS of Amazon. I do not want to display all of the reviews

- but a part of them (i.e. the reviews) would be nice., 

and such that are inside of the iframe that they let you use. I am able to display the iframe, but I don't need to display that much information. A Iframe is pretty awful.  There much better solutions i guess.  


So to be clear, I just want the Stars and the # of reviews (the average customer review, and # of reviews). i want to go the extra mile and tell me how, I'd really appreciate knowing how via PHP! If this is against the TOS, that's all Id really need to know.  If it is, I'd love it if someone could provide me a link to where it says that it IS against the TOS.
Thanks for any and all help! It's always appreciated.


to sume it up: don't know about the TOS, but to do that in php, if there is no official api, we can use simple_html_dom: http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/

define('MAX_FILE_SIZE', 6000000); 
include './simple_html_dom.php';

//Your product amazon's url
$url = 'https://www.amazon.com/SOL-REPUBLIC-1112-31-Headphones-1-Button/dp/B00COOVLMQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=fiona-hardware&ie=UTF8&qid=1470197678&sr=8-1&keywords=sol+republic';

$html = file_get_html($url);
$review_section = $html->find('#averageCustomerReviews',0);
$stars = $review_section->find('#reviewStarsLinkedCustomerReviews',0)->plaintext;
echo "Stars: ".$match[0]; //Shoud be stars
echo "<br />";
$reviews = $review_section->find('#acrCustomerReviewText',0)->plaintext;
echo "Reviews: ".$match[0] //Shoud be reviews number


any ideas about more apropiate ways methods and options for doing that  and achieving that

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tarifa    1

hello dear experts good day - - again me  - with some more findings. 


i need some extra features:


i am looking for a wordpress-amazon affilate plugin – that includes reviews too – is this possible in other words: 
i need to port over from the amazon-page the reviews is this possible!? – is your plugin capable and ready for this feature.

the question is - are the features such that are supported by the Amazon-TOS..


see – cf:the following threads:

Using API to fetch Product Reviews and Star Rating.

Pulling Amazon Rating Stars and Rating Count with Product Advertising API

do not bear with me – ih have some additional infos – that i want to share with you here. just in case anybody is interested in this topic

the only wp-plugin which was capable to do this job was Scrapeazon – but this will sot




we can read on the page:
On March 9, 2020, Amazon will remove access to the Amazon Production Advertising API versions 4.0 and earlier. The new version of the API, 5.0, does NOT support the retrieval of customer reviews for products. Therefore, ScrapeAZon can no longer pull and display reviews from Amazon’s site. These changes make the ScrapeAZon plugin obsolete, since it will no longer display reviews. You should seek an alterate reviews solution.

Sad sad thing…

btw: I found some articles how to get products data:


Querying Amazon’s product details with the Amazon Product Advertising API


Amazon Product API Exploration: Let’s Build a Product Searcher



and the last one: how to get Amazon product information through API




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