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hi does anyone no when you use a restore disk from dell is the windows part the same as the iso you download for Microsoft or do they alter the image for the system you have

i no there add drives ect 

what i want to no do there tweak windows at all to run faster on there pc

i do hope that this make sense

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Jim K

Assuming Windows 10:


More than likely the Dell iso will contain extra "fluff" that you won't necessarily need. Microsoft's media creation tool will give you a straight installation of Windows without all that "fluff.". You may or may not need to download drivers from Dell after installation and running Windows update (just check for exclamation marks in device manager)

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Restore images used to be badly needed before when you needed to have the OS activated and either the win7/8 stickers were missing or couldnt be read, and win7 couldnt even the network card working without having to manually install drivers, etc.


Now days, I MUCH prefer to to a clean install of Win10 (even for corporate), and then run the manufacturer software to install/update drivers (Lenovo System Update or Dell Command Update for the two I deal with).


This will typically eliminate the crapware that comes with most new computers, but leave a new OS with proper drivers.

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big thanks for the info

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I just checked, but I don't know if this is what you're referring to:


There's an application for Dell machines called OS Recovery Tool that allows you to download a recovery environment either for the computer you run it on, or for another one (providing its service tag). It allows you to create a bootable USB stick with either their SupportAssist OS recovery system or a full Windows installation media (you have to go to advanced recovery to be able to select that option).


The install media layout is the typical for OEMs (i.e, an $OEM$ folder with scripts, a custom recovery image, manufacturer software and the like) and it only contains the Windows version that shipped with that machine. For example, if it shipped with Pro, the image will only contain a Pro build; although I have the feeling that those machines that ship with different versions of Windows would get a multi-version installation image.


The image is encrypted and highly compressed though (install.esd instead of install.wim) and just like the boot image it's been modified compared to a generic Windows image. At the very least it has plenty of drivers added to it, even if they don't match that particular machine. For example, I could see drivers for several WiFi cards embedded into the image when only one is present, probably to support all of the sub-models of a particular machine.


I didn't do a rigorous comparison between the equivalent vanilla installation image and Dell's, but it should answer your question.


I'm inclined to agree with @Zinomianregarding using a Microsoft provided image instead of one made by the system manufacturer. While it's true that you will have to install some things manually (like the usual software that controls media keys on laptops), if you leave drivers for Windows Update to install most if not all will be installed without problem; and if your machine is too new that things are wired in a way that's unsupported yet by the Windows installer (think storage controllers or stuff over Intel's Serial IO) simply download those beforehand to load them up during setup.

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Well the Dell image doesn't get updated. When you install the WIndows 10 it will be the most current update. Using the Dell restore you will be doing updates depending on how old the machine is whereas the Windows install will be current. 

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