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I have a notebook that I would like to have password/passcode protected.

I have Windows 10 Pro installed and I see the options (1) password or (2) Windows Security Key.


I like the latter one - Security Key. I see on the help-page different vendors:








Are those the recommended issuers? And which vendor to you guys recommend?

And can these be used on a standard/standalone installation, non-business environment - and logged in in a company network?

And when I have such a device, I just can run the 'manage & create' a Windows Security Key from the Sign-In options?

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So I am looking at a YouTube video, and it's stating here that I need 2 YubiKeys; one regular and one as backup. (installation walkthrough start at 5'00 mins)

Is this really necessary? Or can I, in case I lose my YubiKey, still login into Windows without having a backup one? And how do I do that, because the YubiKey software is kinda 'hardcoded' in the "Windows login system"?




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