F9: Dragon CRS-20 (ISS resupply mission)


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The final flight of Cargo Dragon 1. Starting with CRS-21 all SpaceX ISS resupply missions will be Cargo Dragon 2, the Cargo version of Crew Dragon. It will auto-dock like Crew Dragon - no need for the robotic arm.


Date: March 6 (March 7 UT)

Time:  2350 Eastern (0450 UT)


External payload: Bartolomeo




SpaceX confirms the static fire was good.




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9 hours ago, DocM said:

Delayed: mid and high level wind shear


Date: March 7

Time: 0250 Eastern




The delayed date was in error, posted by the SpaceX webcast people.


CRS-20 launched successfully. 


Remember the missed booster landing for StarLink 4? The winds didn't match the model, so the booster did a water landing rather than risk the droneship.


Fixed for this launch, the wind envelope was expanded, and the booster made a perfect landing in higher than usual winds - #50 for Falcon 9. 

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