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Chrome cast - Do I Need it?

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Sir Topham Hatt    340
Posted (edited)

I have a pretty okay TV.

It's a Samsung UE**F8000, which was very highly rated at the time. However, I wish I hadn't bothered spending as much because now it's simply put of date. No updates to the system, no new apps either.

Although I can get the basics: Netflix, BBC, All4, ITV, YouTube.


Can someone explain what a chrome cast (or others?) do? Would it be advantageous for me to get one?


We'll probably have this TV for another few years yet (although I am due to start a new job with a £14,000 pay rise soon!) and I do have my HTPC connected, which may negate the point in a chrome cast. 


I just don't know what they really are (I assume Amazon Fire sticks are the same sort of thing?) 



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Nick H.    10,486

No, you don't.


I got a chromecast through a friend along with his TV, which is not a SmartTV. The latency between the computer and the TV (Chromecast) is apparent. So streaming is not an option for me for video. I use it for a screensaver mostly.


(Note: I'm using the first version of the Chromecast. Maybe they - or my tv specs - have upgraded over time.)

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+Human.Online    9,001

You have a PC connected.  Mate, you're already outclassing the Chromecast :)

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+BudMan    3,694

If your tv's apps work for what you want it to watch, netflix, amazon, hulu, etc. And your not missing some features that you "need/want" in the latest clients for those products then there is zero reason to get a stick or chromecast of anykind.  Now if you want to watch say disney+ or appleTV or something - and TV doesn't have support for that.. 


Then sure get a stick or chromecast..  Which one is best for you to get would depend on your needs and preferences to brands, etc.. AppleTV might be for you, or maybe fire stick or box, or the roku stick or box.. Or any of the other devices out there..  Sling TV, etc. etc.


They come in all budgets, you could pick up a stick for like $15..  Personally not a fan of the chromecast system.. It works sure.. I have one in my drawer, popped it out when want to test something for someone.. But a roku or fire or appletv, etc. going to give you prob a better user experience..



Here another option I was thinking of but was drawing black on name, and then it finally popped in



There are multiple was to skin this cat when your TVs so called smart apps, that yeah they never update or maintain or really even care if work 😉  Comes down to preferences, needs and wants and budget! 

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