Windows Store - Displaying other peoples purchases?

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I am having a strange issue and someone else has confirmed they also see it but you are able to see purchases that you have not made, potentially other peoples purchases (no info about that person is shown). Try these steps:


1. Open Windows Store and Click the "..." in the top right.

2. Select "My Library"

3. Select "Installed"

4. Select "All Owned"


And random apps, games, purchases are shown that are not mine. Anyone else see this?

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No, they're definitely all mine. I have actually purchased a few things on the store over the years so I'm occasionally in this area anyway.


Apps you don't recognise have probably appeared from Windows 10's default behavior of showing you suggested apps. On older builds of Windows 10 these would appear in the start screen straight away on a new install and if you didn't unpin them quick enough they would firstly associate themselves with your Microsoft account and then try to automatically install. This caused a few complaints up to I think the 18xx releases because people were unpinning these "suggested" apps, but the process to install them had already started so next time the user checked they would be installed and back in the start menu but unpinned.


I also have a bunch of old apps in my library from my Windows phone days, again most of these were either preinstalled and associated with Microsoft account or "suggested".

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These are showing in the "All owned" tab and it includes things like Fortnite packs and I don't own Fortnite!! It's doesn't always show it for me.

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Jim K

Does it look like this?




Out of all of those the only thing which I "own" (I guess) is the Intel control panel.  No idea about the other crud.  Maybe it is something to do with Microsoft and the publishers?  eh

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